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ICARC Membership Roster

Roster last updated Wed Oct 12 17:05:44 2022, (V3.2a)
      sorted by last name, first name

Callsign Name City Dues
KDØNRT Who Am I   Current
K2JLA James L Amlong Iowa City Current
ACØXY John Andrews Iowa City Current
KEØCHQ Sarah Andrews Iowa City Current
KTØDDW Lawrence T Avant Iowa City Current
KØFXM John Baker West Liberty Due
KEØYKJ Julia A Blake Iowa City Due
KEØPAP Timothy L Blake Iowa City Due
WBØVZK Dennis Boyd North Liberty Current
KDØJHZ Jeremy Breher Iowa City Current
WØCJB Cordell Braverman   Current
KEØNBH Emmett Butler   Current
WØJWC John W Canady Iowa City Current
KCØWLO Laurie J Canady Iowa City Current
WØPPF George Carsner Iowa City 2023
KØLUM David E Christ Iowa City Current
NØLQZ Ruth E Christ Iowa City Current
WØTER Lowell Dibble Solon Current
KEØTOB Dennis Dietrich Mount Vernon Current
KFØDHC Christopher Dill North Liberty Due
KIØJP Jeff Dodd Iowa City Current
KFØEAT Em Domingues West Branch Current
KØCF Craig F Fastenow Iowa City Current
KD7PTB Ernest D Geiger Iowa City Current
NOCALL Jane Graesser Amana Current
KEØGPO William J Graesser Amana Current
W3ACO Richard Haendel Iowa City Current
KDØTG Doug Herman Iowa City Current
NØSFH Neil Johnson Swisher Current
WBØMCX Dennis Kahler Iowa City 2099
KFØBTJ Konstantin Kaltsas Coralville Current
KØGH John Kauble Coralville Current
KBØNRT Martin Kolczyk Marengo Current
KØKK Richard Lamb Iowa City Current
WA6SZT Bob Laudie Iowa City 2023
KFØDEE Brad C Mitchell Iowa City Current
WØTRN Tom R Nelson North Liberty Current
KFØHES John M Nichols Iowa City Current
ABØXP Anthony Norem Coralville Current
KEØQKF Mike T Parker Iowa City 2023
KFØAWG George Ranson Iowa City Current
KEØSFV David L Ratliff Coralville Current
KK4OBI Dick Reid Iowa City Current
KCØJFQ William Robison North Liberty Current
KØFIL Phillip G Scmidt Iowa City Current
KCØISV Franklin Seiberling Iowa City Due
AKØZ Larry L Truesdell Iowa City Current
KEØSSM David M Watson Cedar Rapids Due
KFØCGP Brian Wayson North Liberty Current
KFØBXT Brian Zeman North Liberty Current

If the "Name" or "City" columns show with a hyperlink
they have supplemental information from the member.

50 members
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