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This is monthly_meeting_2021_Mar.htm hosted at n952.ooguy.com

DIcks spot on the ICARC "Hall of Fame"

ICARC March 2021 Meeting: Slide, Links, and such

This will be an attempt to achieve a direct link from the JITSI meeting system into the W0JV repeater.
The link is composed of the server that hosts the club web page and the radio interface project KC0JFQ did back around 2013.
The radio used for the link is a Yaesu FT1500M.
The radio interface connects to the FT1500M using the 6-pin MiniDIN data port.

The JITSI Patch

The FT1500M on 146.850 and the KC0JFQ USB RADIO INTERFACE ready for operation

The radio interface hang timer is stretched out to try to keep the transmit active until the speaker stops speaking (i.e. to mask the normal quiet time between words).
Initially, the microphone that is local to the server is just sitting near the radio to relay audio back to Dick.
There is a bit more configuration magic needed to get both the local microphone and the radio connected to the JITSI meeting (so the control operator can talk to the program presenter).

There was quite a bit of real-time configuration occurring as we ironed out the kinks...
Thanks to all who helped out.
David K0LUM in particular provided a ZOOM account to get things correctly routed (JITSI didn't seem to want to talk to the radio interface).

Tonights Topics

  1. Vote to meet either face to face or remain virtual.
  2. Do we want to keep meeting at the pizza ranch or someplace else???
  3. Field day- Mike our VP KE0QKF will head this years field day and will be contacting you all for participation.....
  4. Willy KC0JFQ will be informing about new devices and an up coming fox hunt.....
  5. John K0GH, our club trustee, will be updating what and where all our equipment and radios are
  6. Dick Lamb K0KK will join the wall of fame by giving a history of his life as a ham and introduce us to internet CW that he and Lowell W0TER used to communicate everyday with.....

Dick Lamb   K0KK

internetcw.weebly.com iNTERNET CW

  Photo of Dick(K0KK) at Lowells(W0TER) shack

  Heathkit AR3 Receiver, circa 195

  IA 75 meter picnic 2008.

  IA 75 meter picnic circa 1960

ARRL link for the Iowa 75 Meter club

VIBROPLEX web page Since 1905!

Last updated 10 Mar 2021 by KC0JFQ